Huglettswood Farm Animal Sanctuary

Providing a safe haven for rescued farm animals

A sanctuary for rescued farm animals

Hugletts have been providing sanctuary to rescued farm animals for over 25 years, saving them from intensive dairy and meat farms. Their rescues include battery farm chickens, pigs saved from slaughterhouses as well as a dedicated Cow Protection Program. The residents get to live out their lives with care, affection and dignity, and the sanctuary works to spread their mission of kindness and compassion through open days and advocate work within the vegan community.

Making a difference by working together

The Organic Family Foundation has had a close relationship with the Sanctuary’s founder, Wenda, for several years, and deeply admire her passion and dedication to helping as many animals as she can. We have visited the farm regularly over the years, and currently sponsor 10 animals which are part of ‘The Organic Family Herd’. This allows us to form a close bond with the individual animals and we love receiving updates on them! As well as sponsorship, we provide financial support to the Sanctuary to help with day-to-day running costs.

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