Our Goals & Impact

Founded in 2022, the Organic Family Foundation was created to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Our Impact Last year...

In 2022, we donated over 20,000 meals to food banks, helped raising over £30,000 for Rhythms of Life, donated over £5,000 to animal sanctuaries, and raised £1,800 to fund Garden Organic’s educational projects. During the Christmas period, we provided support to Crisis to help feed over 3,500 people. All of this, on top of our annual pledge of planting 365 trees a year with One Tree Planted.

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Donated to Educational Gardening Projects
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Donated to Our Partner Charities
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Our Goals:

  1. To continue to partner and support like minded organisations who do brilliant work to care for people, the planet and all living beings.
  2. We will develop our charitable partnerships through providing financial or food based support, to reach those that need it the most.
  3. Each year we make a commitment to donate 5% of profits from Mr Organic to our charity partners through financial and food donations, alongside the volunteer hours put into
    the foundation by the team.

‘Raising an Organic Culture’ goes beyond food, it is about profit for purpose – everyone is invited to get involved and take positive little steps towards a brighter future.

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