Made in Hackney

The UK’s first cookery school and charity for the vegan community

Community is ate the heart

Made in Hackney is the UKs first fully vegan community cookery school and charity. Based in central hackney, the kitchen started as a response to global and local crisis around health inequalities, food access and climate change. Their mission is to bring about positive change in the areas of community, health and environment through their cookery and food growing classes.

As well as their cooking classes, the charity incorporates training and jobs for local young people with their community meal service.

Supporting communities with plant based food education.

At The Organic Family Foundation we love Made in Hackney’s passion for community and plant-based food education. We support our neighbours to teach and develop cookery skills to promote healthy habits, which have life-long impact. We provide them with food staples as well as financial donations, and the whole team has enjoyed attending several of Made in Hackneys cooking classes! 

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