Raising an Organic Culture


The planet continues to experience the threat of climate change, exacerbated by the action of humans/ We believe in working together to take small steps towards conserving the planet for generations to come


Millions of people in the UK and further afield regularly go hungry. We work in partnership with other to relieve hunger and promote the importance of food education for a healthy, long and fulfilled life.


We believe in compassion, life and empowerment of animals and ultimately a cruelty free planet. We raise awareness and support.

Caring about people, the planet and all that live in it

During the pandemic in 2020, we realised first-hand the need for support in our local Islington community and close surrounding areas. At the time, Mr Organic’s business was thriving as demand for supply increased due to lockdowns. We wanted to develop the charitable work we already did with our partners to further support them and to better give back to our local community.

Since our creation in 2009, we have always ensured we take care of others whilst respecting our planet and all people that live on it. We have a shared belief to be respectful of all living beings, our planet and ourselves. In 2022, the Organic Family Foundation became a registered charity with Valerio, Raks, Fiona and Megan as its trustees, and support from the wider organic family. 

Mr Organic (The Organic Family Ltd) has committed to donate 5% of it’s profits to the Organic Family Foundation and other charitable projects. Partnering with four core charities close to the hearts of our team, we focus on local charities which everyone can get involved with and share positivity and support.



Meet our charity partners

The foundation’s main charity partners include Rhythms of Life, Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary, Garden Organic, and Made in Hackney, with whom Mr Organic has worked closely in the past.

Other charities we support

‘Raising an Organic Culture’ goes beyond food, it is about profit for purpose – everyone is invited to get involved and take positive little steps towards a brighter future.

Our impact so far ...

We work to develop our charitable partnerships through providing financial and food-based support to reach those that need it the most.

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