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We believe the simple phrase of doing good makes you feel good. If we have the possibility in our hands we should live with it and make this world a better place. Apart of doing good as a business we encourage our team too to seek ways to support organisations which are close to their hears.

Here are a few examples who we helped this year. Please have a look and feel free to help their work with anything possible:

1. The Felix Project

1.5 million adults in London struggle to afford to eat every day, 400,000 children are at risk of missing the next meal. Meanwhile, our food industry generates almost 2 million tonnes of good, edible surplus food each year. The Felix Project set out to reverse these numbers by collecting fresh and edible surplus food and give it to food banks, schools, other charities and individuals who are in need.
We supported their work with several donations and Hannah & Anna also visited their Park Royal depo as volunteer for a day. 🙂
You can find ways to support them here.

2. Hugletts Farm

We don’t forget our friends at Hugletts Farm. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t have a chance to visit them but made sure they have enough Mr Organic goodies for themselves and for their raffles on open days.

You can find more info and ways to support them here. 

3. One Tree Planted

We continue to support the forest restoration program of One Tree Planted. Annually we donate equal amount for 365 trees, which means we plant a tree a day. This year, we invested in their Indonesia project, which plants trees at the local rainforest. This island is home of the dangerously endangered orangutans and the forest growing from our trees could give them home and food, vital for their survival. 
You can support them through this link.


4. Food Cycle, Islington

Our local charity, just 5 minutes walk from our office. Anne, Kellie and the rest of the wonderful team of volunteers are creating delicious meals for people in need.  We try to support their cooking with nutritious ingredients when ever is possible.

This wonderful charity is working across the country, you can find your local one and ways to support them here

5. Crisis

This absolutely amazing organisation works around the clock to end homelessness. Two lovely members of our team, Monika and Simone,  volunteered last year with this charity, and this year we donated a pallet of our best product: our tinned chopped tomatoes.

You can find out more about them and ways to donate here.

And many more…

We also helped for Healthy Generations, supported an event at our street by the Friends of the Earth organisation and gave some nutritious, yummy food for City Harvest. 

A kind action doesn’t need to be a heroic or grandiose gesture. A few hours of volunteering or a box of yummy food could be a brick in a new life for some. 
And when you do good.. you feel good… 🙂 

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